About the Builder Method

The Builder Method is a presence and action based educational methodology. It focuses on physical presence and action through building. During the building process participants develop their technical and soft skills, they learn about architecture and materials, they communicate, collaborate and debate, while they also build a community.


The Builder Method is developed by six partner organisations:


  1. HelloWood Ltd.
  2. Association of Polish Architects 
  3. Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania 
  4. Martial Marquet Studio
  5. ESB – French Graduate School in Wood and Biosourced Materials
  6. Szechenyi Istvan University


It is a unique collaboration of architecture studios, research institutes and NGOs all passionate about wood, socially and spatially conscious architecture, human centered design and activism.

The three-year project is funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme. You can find more information on the partners under the partnership section.

We aim to develop three intellectual tools, which will be open source, available for everyone: the Builder Method Matrix, the Installation Manual and the Projects of Builders Datamap.


The Builder Method Matrix will be a tool explaining the elements and subcategories of the educational methodology such as participants, location, ecological context, technical and soft skills and more. Each subcategory will be described in detail to support anyone, who would like to apply the Builder Method educational methodology.

The Installation Manual will be a comprehensive guide with 50 sample projects and essays from architects on how to build small scale, socially and spatially conscious objects, while building the community and gaining new skills.


The Projects of Builders Datamap will showcase often invisible, small scale, scattered architectural projects that have the power to build communities and engage with individuals. It is our aim to make such projects visible to represent the strong and significant role they play in architecture. The Datamap will be open for everyone and it will collect and systematically organize such projects from all around the world.