Submit a Built Project

We are developing the Projects of Builders Datamap, a platform, where you can submit projects by filling in this questionnaire. Join us and become part of a global community of builders.

About the Builder Method

The Builder Method is a presence and action based educational methodology. We believe that through the process of building, participants not only build an object but they build a community and develop themselves.


Our mission is to create an open source platform that has three toolkits, the Builder Method Matrix, the Installation Manual and the Projects of Builders Datamap.


Using these three toolkits students, teachers, architects and anyone interested in innovative and non-formal educational approaches can apply the Builder Method and experience the process of creation, collaboration and self development.

About the Projects of Builders Datamap

The Project of Builders Datamap will showcase, often invisible, small scale, scattered architectural projects that have the power to build communities and engage with individuals.


The datamap will be open for everyone and it will collect and systematically organize such projects from all around the world. The questionnaire above invites projects and their builders to become part of the Projects of Builders Datamap. This is the first stage of the selection process, if your project is pre-selected we will contact you for further details.


We are expecting projects that fall under the categories of: small scale, socially and spatially conscious architecture, humanitarian design, design as activism and more. We encourage you to fill in the questionnaire and submit a built project. Join us and become part of a global community of builders.

“Architecture is primarily a service to humanity, to create an environment where a human being can develop itself, can be happy, can have what I call wellbeing”

Diébédo Francis Kéré