Time of building:
July 2020
Location of Built Project:
Střelniční 256/1, 737 01 Český Těšín, Czechia
Environmental Setting:
urban setting
to rest, to gather, to socialize
Architectural Morphology:
Grid / Cubic, Triangle
M ( 10 - 30 m2)


author's description

The project site is located by the cultural center KSS Střelnice in Czech Cieszyn just next to a promenade running along the Olza river banks and a bridge binding two countries. The small plot behind the center serves as a space for summer events like open-air Screenings, Concerts, and classes. Currently, potential of the plot is not fully exploited. The site is anonymous to the bypassers and deserted at the time when there are no organized events taking place.

The point of the design is to define a new identity and the character for the location by decentralizing plot‘s central layout and adding strong in forms attractive pieces of furniture. New forms will additionally enhance everydays offer of spending leisure time while preserving plot‘s full functionality during the organized events. The design is based on wooden triangular in plan platforms that by bending their sides are turned into 3-dimensional shapes which are juxtaposing existing circular structure of former hobby airfield.

Construction based on bentwood was demanding and required special solutions that had to be spontaneously developed at a place. The process of creation of the following objects was an experiment in which possibilities of construction from wood were pushed to a limit. This experience was very educative and enriched participants in unique knowledge and awareness of wood limits.

Platforms are placed within the asphalt circle as close as possible to the corner where the fence dividing plot and the promenade is not continuing any longer and the site connects freely with the walkways along the river. Thanks to that extraordinary structures are easy to spot and are becoming to serve as an attractor bringing the attention of the people walking along the riverbank. Structures welcome them to step further into the site. Objects could be understood as an anchor in free-floating space providing at the same time possibility to stay there for a while.

Oval shape with slightly elevated picks on each side of the platform allows swinging delicately while sitting or laying on them. Moreover flexible way of anchoring to the ground allows to push and pull them around but in a restricted range. Playfull nature of the elements lets users enjoy them as they want at the same time adjusting to various needs and scenarios.  The platform’s simple form lets the function of it be open to the user’s interpretation. Structures can be treated as three independent elements that are freely displaced around or could be combined together in one bigger object supporting important events.

Placing multi-use platforms at the plot is not meant to be a revolutionary step for the place. It is more of a gesture trying to start a slow process of further transformation that will turn this place into one that better connects the cultural center with the promenade and could be treated as a new pocket park for everyday leisure.